Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is our specialty, it’s all we do. We eat, sleep, and breathe all things related to search marketing. No matter what the project is, we always do things with an eye on how it will affect search engine ranking. According to a study by Word Stream, 72% of searchers visit a store within 5 miles, this means that it is imperative to a small business to achieve the highest SERP rankings as possible.

Over the years we’ve studied the industry and compared those results to what has been successful for our clients during the same time to create a new experience. Rather than focusing on one discipline and putting all our client’s eggs in one basket, like seo or paid search. We hedge our bets by creating customized marketing strategies that cover multiple mediums including social media, search (paid and organic), and content marketing.

Our goal is not only to increase rankings but to drive revenue for our clients. We create strategies that focus on performance metrics like clicks and impressions but are evaluated by the return on investment they drive for the client. Not every campaign is the same which is why we don’t offer one size fit all strategies.

During the course of our campaigns we utilize conversion based optimization techniques to ensure that the we are efficient with the time we spend on each campaign. That’s truly what makes us different from other digital marketers, we don’t try to fit every client into a standard out of the box campaign strategy. We start with a base package of hours and craft a custom plan with our clients instead of keeping them in the dark on our strategy.